by Kármán Voh

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“Balcony” is my response to a story circling the news detailing the death of a 17 year old gay Chechen boy who was pushed off a balcony by his uncle. Why? Because the local government is urging people to “deal” with anyone suspected of being gay - to take on honor killings.
And to keep things in perspective, this accounts for only a fraction of the violence committed against LGBTQ+ people by the Russian government in this decade alone, ranging from the suppression of protests and the disappearance of journalists to premeditated attacks against gay communities and homes by far right militants. I've seen it first hand. I understand that in the information empire it is difficult to discern the realities, but the reality as I see it is the gruesome wave of violence against the Chechen LGBTQ+ community will only validate more extreme hate crimes. The situation in Chechnya in yet another case of structural, political, fascistic, religious, zealous, orgiastic, and nationalistic violence against non-cishet/non-white people around the world.




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Kármán Voh Boston, Massachusetts

Noise rock, techno, ambient, post punk

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